About Leeming Child Care Centre

Leeming Child Care Centre is a family owned and managed centre and has been since 1992. Sherree and Tanya who are both directors and owners are very involved in the day to day running of the centre which provides Education and Care for babies – 5 years. With families themselves and many years of professional experience, their passion is ensuring every child receives high quality care, attention and positive experiences.

Recruiting and hand choosing professional and friendly staff/ educators and further encouraging professional development is our priority. We maintain above minimum standard educator to child ratios and qualifications. We also employ a food coordinator and professional cleaners each day to maintain a high standard of health and hygiene practices.

The City of Melville has awarded the service with 5 stars “scores on the doors” for its food and hygiene standards.


Leeming Child Care has been assessed as Meeting National Quality Standards by the Education and Care Regulatory Unit. The Early Years Learning Framework guides the centre’s programs which is play-based learning and the recommended framework from birth and the transition to school years. We strive to create a sense of Belonging for children and families, and support children to simply Be children and Become involved and confident individuals.

The program is strongly guided by the children’s interests, family feedback, making connections and planning intentional teaching strategies. We embed sustainable practices and teach the children how to care for their environment and the world around them. We value and encourage family involvement at our centre and aim to create a home away from home for all children, where they are nurtured to blossom and grow.

Aboriginal and Torres strait Islanders Cultures are acknowledged and valued and along with our community we will contribute to a future, where everyone is respected.

We provide children and families with a two week orientation period where they can visit the centre frequently to build trusting relationships before they begin their enrolment. Please read our centre philosophy for more information about our vision. We pride ourselves on the involvement, inclusion and relationships built with our families and parents. Annual parent evenings and centre BBQ’s are a time to come together and have some FUN!!

Before and After School Care

We can provide a before and after school care and transport to and from West Leeming Primary School for Kindy age children.

Opening times: 7am-6pm Mon – Fri (Except Public holidays)

CCS Approved

We provide each day:

  • Above minimum requirements of educator qualifications and educator to child ratios
  • A play-based program of various activities to enhance their learning and development in a wide range of areas.
  • Incursions and excursions
  • Nappies
  • Healthy meals, snacks, cow’s milk (Rice or Soy Milk for children with Allergens) and water to drink
  • 5 week rotating menu, of high standard nutrition and quality with 5 star rating of food hygiene standards from the City of Melville
  • Clean bedding and linen
  • Sunscreen
  • Parent Information evenings and parent evenings
  • Lots of cuddles and fun
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