Tiny Ted's Room

Babies - 2 years

Our Babies Room provides care for 12 children each day aged from 3months – 2years. We have 3 permanent, qualified Educators who nurture care & educate the children each day. We also have additional Educators within the centre who help out each day with various activities, routines and playing with the children.

Our philosophy is to provide a warm and friendly environment for all children and families and to build meaningful relationships between children, Educators, parents and our community.

We provide a 2 week orientation period where you & your child can visit the centre each day if you like and we can get to know your child while they gradually become familiar with their environment and their Educators.

Each child will have their own cot for sleeping and their home routine will be respected within our safety guidelines.

Children (who have teeth) will brush their teeth with water after lunch each day.

We will provide & apply sunscreen to all children before outdoor play and hats are worn throughout the whole year.

What is provided?

  • Above minimum requirements of Educator qualifications and Educator to Child Ratios
  • A play based Program of various activities to enhance their learning & development in a wide range of areas.
  • Incursions
  • Nappies for sleep time if necessary
  • Healthy meals, snacks, cow’s milk & water to drink
  • 5 week rotating menu, of high standard nutrition & quality with 5 star rating of food hygiene standards from the City of Melville
  • Clean bedding & linen
  • Sunscreen
  • Toothpaste
  • Lots of cuddles & fun

What you will need to supply?

  • Change of clothes
  • Sterilised & clean bottles (formula or breast milk if required)
  • Your child’s comforters, dummy, teddy, sleeping bag etc
  • A hat & toothbrush for your child (we will store, clean and sterilize here)
  • On enrolments we will require a Birth Certificate, Immunisation Records, Enrolment Form & CRN details from Centrelink.
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